The Clients We Represent

We represent a wide variety of privately-owned businesses throughout the U.S. and abroad: Manufacturers, online companies, sales and distribution businesses, R&D enterprises, software companies, real estate management organizations and IP holding companies among others. We represent and advise individuals regarding both personal and business-related legal matters. We also represent non-company organizations such as condominium associations and non-profit entities.

How We Work

We strive for cost-effective yet sophisticated simplicity not just in our work product, but also in the way we do our work. Once it became possible to carry around the legal resources of an entire law firm in a hand-held device, replacing the traditional paper-based infrastructure with a technological infrastructure was a straightforward choice. We are a virtual law firm and a true partnership. We can work anywhere, anytime – and we work just as closely together as we did in the old days when we commuted to downtown office suites. One major difference: We have more or less abandoned the concept of “office hours.” We may not be available 24/7, but we come close.